Revamped Netflix iPad App Drops Information, Features

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Without any fanfare, Netflix quietly updated its iPad app yesterday, making it easier and more attractive to use – but removing some important information and the ability to update your DVD queue in the process. The update changes the app from what was pretty much an adaptation of the Netflix website to something more closely approximating the iPhone app version of the service focusing solely on streaming content, but as HackingNetflix – the site that first noticed the changes – points out, iPad users might notice something lacking:

The movie information page is now very limited and is missing user and critical reviews, cast list, and detailed movie information… The app is missing account settings, help and reviews.

The app’s new custom UI only offers four areas for browsing: Home, Genres, Search and Instant Queue. Users wishing to update their DVD list… Well, there’s always the ability to pull up the website in Safari…

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