Set Sail On a Getaway Just for Gamers and Cosplayers

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For the ultimate in nerdy getaways, the National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers (NAVGTR) has created a cruise just for gamers and their cosplaying friends. C3 at Sea will set sail on October 29 for a five day cruise starting in Baltimore, MD., go to the Bermuda Triangle for a Halloween Cosplay Caucus Cruise (hence the “C3”), and (hopefully) return back to the original U.S. port.

Here’s the official video. Don’t worry, it confuses us too. It seems legit, and not a ploy to get rid of a whole bunch of gamers at once by sending them to the Devil’s Triangle:

If you’re a fan who wants to revel in your geekiness with fellow cosplay friends while on vacation, this is it. Starting at $681.81 per person, you’ll have the opportunity to attend a roast of George Wood, host of Gaming In The Clinton Years, and vote for the NAVGTR “Best Games of the Decade.”

Don’t forget to pack your gear though: There will be costume contests and red carpet entrances. But if you need to borrow a spare samurai sword to complete your Rurouni Kenshin outfit or need someone to help you put on that FullMetal Alchemist metal glove, we’re sure your shipmates can help you out. Since you’re out at sea, you don’t have to worry about your office mates knowing about your weekend cosplaying activities – that is unless someone shares your pictures from the trip on Facebook.

Hey, whatever floats your boat. (Yes I went there.)

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