Angry Birds Coming to Facebook, Pigs to Get Revenge?

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Even though Angry Birds boasts more than 75 million downloads on nearly every mobile platform imaginable (and, with the PlayStation Network version on PS3, at least one home console), you’d figure that Rovio’s battling animals mega-hit would have reached everyone who wanted it. At GDC this weekend, Rovio’s “Mighty Eagle” Peter Vesterbecka said that developers need to make games that can be sold for no higher than 99 cents to find success in today’s gaming marketplace. It’s a bold statement but no one can argue with the success of Angry Birds.

But, the Birds still have more territory to conquer, and they’re planning to hit the most populous virtual landscape later this year. An article in Wired Magazine’s UK edition indicates that Angry Birds will hit Facebook, looking to add to its legion of fans.

On Facebook, “there will be completely new aspects to it that just haven’t been experienced in any other platform,” said studio boss Mikael Hed, who confirms that due to the social site’s ‘collaborative nature’, “the pigs will have a more prominent role”.

The article also confirms that Wii and Xbox 360 versions are still under way. However, the move to Facebook may be the final frontier for Angry Birds. You won’t need to whip out a smartphone or tablet to get your catapulting on; all you’ll need is a new tab browser on a browser window. So, what do you think Angry Birds enthusiasts? Do you prefer playing the game with fingers and touchscreen or will mouse controls of a Facebook version lure you away?