Android’s Hidden Music Backup Feature Harmonizes with Google

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Well, well, well. Looks like we have some more fuel for the ages-old Google Music rumors. An enterprising developer shoehorned the new Motorola Xoom Android tablet’s music application onto his plain old Android smartphone and went he went into the phone’s settings menu, he was surprised to find a feature labeled “Sync Music” sandwiched in between the synchronization settings for Google Reader and Picasa Web Albums.

But Google has no official music synchronization feature, right?

This developer apparently uploaded all the music on his phone’s memory card to somewhere on Google’s servers, then replaced that memory card with a blank one and was able to pull all the files back down to his phone. Others were able to replicate the same features as well.

Google has been rumored to be prepping an online music store that would reportedly let you store music files that you’ve purchased from Google on the company’s servers, as well as upload your own previously-purchased music tracks in the interest of keeping everything in one place.

And one of Motorola’s own executives may have accidentally revealed that “there will be a music service” on Google’s upcoming crop of tablets.

As of now, even though the music app from the Motorola Xoom tablet displayed the music synchronization option when ported to an Android phone, the app itself on the actual Xoom tablet has no such option in place.


[via MobileCrunch]

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