Tests Show Verizon iPhone Isn’t Up to Speed

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When it comes to download speeds, a series of independent tests claim that the Verizon iPhone can’t compare to its AT&T counterpart.

Wired reports that on average, AT&Ts 3G network is twice as fast as Verizon’s. Still, while AT&T had the advantage in terms of download speed, Wired’s Brian Chen says that there were times when it couldn’t get the job done at all due to connectivity issues. On the flipside, Verizon had better overall connection and was therefore able to complete more downloads, despite the fact that they happened at a slower rate.

As we learn more about the Verizon iPhone, it’s looking more and more like choosing between the two devices will depend on if you prefer faster connection speeds or better overall connectivity. You can see the rest of the details of the tests here.

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