Hacker Builds Working Hand-Held Laser Gun

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George Lucas, if you’re reading, there’s a good reason why Han would have shot first: because he, like German laser hacker AnselmoFanZero, knew that lasers are very dangerous things capable of zapping holes through metal, plastic, and green dudes called Greedo.

What you see above is the result of 70 hours work. Its maker told Hacked Gadgets that the aim was to “create a handheld device as compact as possible. It’s 320mm long and weighs about 2 pounds.”

This original device has already been sold, but the man who built it is happy to take orders. That’s kind of inspiring and kind of terrifying at the same time; you do not want to be on the wrong end of one of these things without protective eyewear.

The only thing that’s missing is an authentic PEW PEW PEW sound when you press the trigger, but that is surely only a small upgrade – or at the very least, an iPhone app – away.

Joking aside, be warned: lasers are capable of doing serious damage to your eyes and your body if you’re not careful with them. Do not try this at home.