Make your Internet Charlie Sheen-Free in One Easy Step

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Admit it: You’ve had enough of Charlie Sheen. For a while, it was almost funny, as he talked about Warlocks and Trolls and always winning, and then it became kind of uncomfortable when you realized that it wasn’t really an act, and now you’re at the point where you kind of wish you could just pretend that he doesn’t exist. Luckily, there’s a Firefox and Chrome plug-in for that.

Tinted Sheen, a plug-in that calls itself “the Charlie Sheen Browser Blocker,” literally removes Charlie Sheen from your sight, blocking out mentions of his name, as well as images of the troubled actor. It’s adapted from the similar “Shaved Bieber” plug-in that helped cure outbreaks of (Justin) Bieber Fever recently, but this time, using its powers for even more good.

It’s available for free here. Share the link with your friends, and spare the needless drinking of tiger blood.

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