Sony Releases New App to Entertain, Make You Buy Movies

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Warner Bros. may be using Facebook to rent its movies, but Sony Pictures has a different idea on how to lure more eyeballs towards its wares (Don’t worry, they’re also said to be in negotiations with Facebook over rentals). The studio is launching a new app for the iPad and iPhone called “My Daily Clip” which, you guessed it, offers users a new clip from Sony’s library to enjoy every day.

The clips won’t just be available to view in-app; they’ll also be made available to social networks, with links on all outlets to buying the full movie in iTunes. According to Sony’s SVP worldwide digital strategy, Rich Berger, it’s not impossible that other studios could start distributing their content through the app, but also not something that’s likely to happen any time soon. Until then, there’s always that clip from Ghostbusters to keep you busy…

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