Two Minute Video: Motorola Atrix Smartphone-Powered Laptop

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Technology experts have been saying for years—YEARS!—that our personal computers will one day be so small and powerful that we’ll carry them around in our pockets. Motorola’s Atrix 4G smartphone and laptop dock have gotten an early jump on that future.

The Android-based Atrix 4G phone is powerful in its own right—dual core processor, an entire gigabyte of RAM, 4-inch 960×540 screen—and that power is used to drive an entire laptop-sized interface with the addition of Motorola’s $500 Lapdock ($300 if you buy it when you buy the phone).

It’s a cool, albeit very, very expensive glimpse into a future where your smartphone is your main computer that you pop into various docking stations at home, in the car, and at the office.

The phone itself is worth the $200 asking price, though the $300 to $500 premium for a laptop dock that can’t do anything without the phone seems like it’d be a lot easier to swallow if its price tag was halved (at the very least).

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You’re also required to add a $45-per-month AT&T data plan in order to be able to use the laptop dock. So you’re looking at a minimum two-year outlay of almost $1,600 before even adding voice and texting to the mix.

As it stands, the Atrix 4G smartphone and laptop dock combo represent a cool look at where the future is heading. The price tag keeps the experience relegated to eccentric billionaires and well-heeled IT departments, though.

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