If This is the iPhone 5 Design, Apple’s Pretty Much Mailing It in

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I’m not really buying this whole story, but apparently a Chinese gadget blog got its hands on “mold engineering drawings” of the next iPhone. Why are these supposed drawings floating around? To “be used by case designers to create plastic, TPU, aluminum, silicone and leather cases,” of course.

Sounds like something Apple would totally do. Oh, a bunch of case makers in China want some drawings of the iPhone 5 so they can start cranking out accessories three months before we even announce the thing? Sure! And tell them to forward the images to anyone else who wants them, too!

If these images are somehow legit, then Apple’s basically slapping a slightly larger screen—looks like a four-incher—onto an iPhone 4, probably adding a new processor under the hood, and calling it a day.

[via MacRumors]

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