Japan Captures Tsunami, Quake Footage with Camera Phones

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Given the prevalence of advanced mobile devices in Japan, there’s been no shortage of citizen-broadcast videos and imagery from the recent earthquake. Here are some of the better places to follow along online.


YouTube’s CitizenTube channel has established a playlist of videos related to the disaster, with footage rolling in pretty regularly.

Popular Japanese video sharing site Nico Nico Douga is streaming live on-the-ground coverage. See also here and here.

Google’s video section culls clips from a bunch of different video sites—both user-generated and major news sites—so it’s got plenty of footage.

Bing Videos has over 60 clips already, some from on the ground and some from news reports.

Live video site Ustream has a few feeds going on in real-time, and plenty of previously-recorded footage from earlier coverage.

Livestream will be hit or miss for coverage, but there’s been some live video from various places recently. Check under the Featured Live Channels on the main page of the Livestream website.

Vimeo has some sporadic videos coming in, too. There seem to be more news reports here than citizen videos, though there’s still a handful of on-the-ground videos being uploaded.

Video site Dailymotion has almost 200 videos so far, though most of them seem to be news footage.


Photo sharing service Flickr has images pouring in. You can use the “Japan” tag to see the most recent photos that have been uploaded.

Popular Twitter photo sharing service TwitPic has been experiencing an influx of images as well, though the site’s stability has been a bit shaky.

Google’s Picasa has over 200,000 Japan-related images which, if ordered by most recent, contain some images of the recent events. There’s a fair amount of images that aren’t related to the event to sift through, though.


You can follow trending topics #japan and #tsunami directly on Twitter for a mix of text, images and videos.

Google’s Realtime Results pulls in updates from all over the place as well. You can follow all the updates or choose only updates with images.


If you have another source or sources you’d like to share, please leave the links in the comments section below.

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