The Web Reacts to Japan Quake

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The web watched in horror as this morning’s earthquake struck northern Japan, and tsunami waves quickly swept across it.

The news spread rapidly across Twitter, and home-made (sometimes terrifying) videos were posted online within minutes.

The video above shows an ordinary family fleeing their home and waiting in the street while the quake rumbles on.

This montage of TV coverage clips put together by The Daily Telegraph shows the devastating scale of the disaster, with unstoppable waves stretching to the horizon and destroying everything in their path.

Another video shows damage in the capital city, Tokyo. And another. And another. It’s just unbelievable.

Tokyo Reporter is covering events from there on Twitter.

Google very quickly put up a person finder app.

What the people of Japan – and all the other countries likely to be affected as the tsunami waves spread in the next few hours – isn’t the rest of the world just watching over the web, but donating money over it too. Donate to the Red Cross here.