Some iPad 2 Users Report Screen Bleeding

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Here’s a bit of schadenfreude for the folks who can’t find or don’t want an iPad 2: Some owners of Apple’s new tablet say the edges of their screens are bleeding light.

YouTube user IAmPhones has documented the problem in a video, which clearly shows a patch of white light on the side of the screen near the iPad 2’s home button. Users are also pointing out the problem on Apple’s official support forums and the MacRumors forums. The light leakage apparently affects both black and white iPad 2 models in all storage capacities.

A separate issue, as noted by Engadget, is the appearance of yellow spots beneath the iPad 2’s LCD glass. However, iPhone 4 users reported similar problems last summer, due to the bonding agent used in production. If it’s the same issue, the yellow spots should disappear over time.

If you’ve got an iPad 2 with light leakage, you may have luck exchanging the tablet at an Apple Store, despite a lack of available iPads for sale. As one MacRumors forumgoer points out, Apple usually keeps products available specifically for replacement purpose.