Last-Minute Substitution: Seven Games to Help You Survive the NFL Lockout

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You know what Sunday without football is? Just another miserable 24 hours before Monday. With the worrisome breakdown of talks between the NFL owners and players leading to a lockout, football fans must contend with the worst-case scenario: there may be no football this fall.

It’s a grim possibility. Hell, even a lifelong nerd like me roots for the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. The idea that a non-season may silence Gang Green’s blustery coach Rex Ryan more than any loss could is extremely disheartening. While gridiron addicts all cross their fingers and hope that the billionaires and millionaires can come to their senses by the fall, there’s just as much chance that that won’t happen. EA’s promising that there’ll still be a Madden this year, no matter what may occur. You’re going to need more than that to cope with the dearth of fresh football and a pile of video games can help greatly in that regard. Here’s a list of recent and classic games that should be able to help you cope if the 2011-2012 NFL season never coalesces into being.