That Was Fast: Jailbreakers Get Into the iPad 2

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In the unlikely event that you wish to upset the delicate balance of your shiny new iPad 2, the news from over the weekend is that it can be jailbroken, and soon you’ll be able to do the same.

Twitter user @comex posted this photo showing a white iPad 2 with Jailbreak-only software Cydia running.

Jailbreaking, for the uninitiated, means breaking past Apple’s all-encompassing walled garden of software and services using unauthorized software that you won’t find on the iOS store. A jailbroken device allows access to various features not normally allowed by Apple, and yet doesn’t prevent it syncing with iTunes, making calls, or generally still working just like a normal iDevice. That might explain why jailbreaking is surprisingly popular.

Be warned, though: hitting the jailbreak button voids your Apple warranty, and leaves you on your own if things go wrong. Although jailbreaking has worked fine for other folk, there’s no guarantee that it will work fine for you, or even that it will continue to work after future official software updates.