80% of Toddlers Use The Internet Regularly, Study Says

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By the time I have children, they’ll be born with an internet chip in the head, constantly surfing the web. Looks like that future isn’t too far off: according to a report released, 80 percent of kids under the age of five use the internet weekly.

Non-profit organizations Joan Ganz Cooney Center and the Sesame Workshop conducted several surveys amongst parents and children. What they found out was that little children use the internet — quite regularly.

Internet usage doesn’t beat out Sesame Street though. Coming in at a whopping 47 percent, television is still the number one screen that most young’ns prefer to spend most of their time looking at.

Television probably also explains the increased Internet usage, through of course, online video. One study showed that 60 percent of children under the age of three often watched video online. It decreased as they got older, but then most children consistently said they watched 20 percent of video online through iPods, cellphones, or similar gadgets.

The study did note interestingly though that the amount of time children spent reading a book remained constant despite however much time they spent in front of a screen.

That’s right — go get your Dickens!

(via Mashable)

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