Birthday Party Gets Canceled After 200,000 People RSVP on Facebook

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A 16-year old girl canceled her birthday party after more than 200,000 people accepted the invitation to attend. She’s popular.

Well, not quite. An Australian girl by the name of Jess sent out a Facebook invitation to the party located at her house. A 17-year old teenager hijacked the invite, making the whole invitation viral.

Apparently 215,000 people responded. After that, Jess sent a message: “it’s f***in off.”

On the original invitation, she told her guests that they could bring friends, and that she “didn’t have enough time to invite everyone.” She asked if friends would do it on her behalf.

Apparently the birthday girl failed to utilize Facebook’s privacy settings. The invite was open for the public to view.

One year older, she’ll be a little wiser next time.

(via New York Daily News)

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