Dear Samsung: Enough with the Tablet Teasers, Already

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Oh Samsung, you’re such a tease.

For a couple of weeks, you’ve been hinting at an 8.9 inch tablet, first with a press event invitation, and now with a YouTube video of some dimly-lit, stylized renderings. Just one problem: Nobody cares.

Admittedly, it was cool when you teased the original Galaxy Tab late last year. Back then, Apple’s iPad didn’t have any legitimate contenders. Even if the 7-inch tablet was a bit of a let-down — picture a steroided smartphone OS with a tablet app deficiency — you gave us something to talk about while we waited in line at the Apple store.

These days, however, you’re not so unique. Plenty of Android Honeycomb tablets loom, and the Galaxy Tab 8.9 — or whatever it’ll be called — is just another brick in the wall. Why, your rival LG has been talking up its own 8.9-inch Android tablet for over a month. Also, don’t you have a 10.1-inch tablet to worry about?

So, what’s the real news behind all these teased-out, long-leaked, whisper-campaigned tablets? That none of them are actually available yet. I’m not saying every tablet maker needs to copy Apple’s thunder lizard approach, but you’ve got to admit that when Steve Jobs strides on stage and announces that the iPad 2 will be available to actual paying customers in seven days, it kinda makes the whole tablet striptease seem a bit played out.

And thus, some advice. Please, Samsung, show a little dignity. Dispense with the silly games. The press event for this 8.9-inch tablet is set for March 22 — less than a week from now. Just play it cool and let rumors and speculation do your dirty work. Bonus points if, when the announcement comes, you’re actually ready to ship.