Riddle Me This, Batman: Just How Dark is ‘Arkham City’?

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So, maybe my preview of the upcoming Batman game didn’t do it for you. Maybe you need to see just how massive and expanded the Dark Knight’s next adventure will be. Well, this new trailer shows off the new locomotion elements, upgraded combat and, of course, thugs and villains galore.

In addition to all of that, Arkham City will also feature the physical presence of the Riddler, too. Before, the crazed questioner was only a disembodied voice in Batman: Arkham Asylum. But, he’ll be a dangerous flash-and-blood psycho in the sequel. The short sequence shown at GDC two weeks ago hinted that he’ll be kidnapping hapless citizen inside Gotham’s super-prison and that players will need to save them in order to get those precious Riddler trophies.


These two developments augur well for the next Bat-title. If Batman: Arkham Asylum was the game gamers and comic fans wanted, then Batman: Arkham City looks like it’s going to be the one they’ll need. Look for it on October 18th later this year.