The Nintendo 3DS Is in the House. What Do You Want to Know?

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So, Nintendo made a big show of hand-delivering their hotly-anticipated handheld all over Manhattan yesterday. The Time Inc. building–home to Techland HQ–was just one of many stops for the fancy bus and I recorded the event for all you readers to see. (Nintendo 3DS Launching on March 27th for $250)

Witness the pageantry of gaming device delivery, effendi!

Wish we could’ve done that inside… But, now that I’ve got Nintendo’s stereoscopic wonder in my hands, I ask you, gentle reader, what would you like to know? Ask me questions like:

  • Which game should I play first?
  • How long does the battery last?
  • How quickly will my eyes tire?

There’s still about two weeks to go until the 3DS hits store shelves, so consider your chance to get some attention for your burning queries before you have to plunk out any cash. I’ll give answers and impressions on the 3DS in an upcoming post. (NGP vs. 3DS vs. iOS vs. Android: Which Gaming Platform Will Earn Your Love?)