IE 9 Gets Downloaded Over 2 Million Times Upon Release

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Just 24 hours after its release, Internet Explorer 9 has been downloaded 2.35 million times. Or, that’s also 27 downloads every second. Whichever stat you prefer.

After its appearance last Monday night, the other browsers are not to be left out, and they are right on Microsoft’s tail. Lifehacker just confirmed that Firefox 4 will finally be released five days from now, on March 22. Opera also drops its 11.10 beta release today as well.

Internet Explorer 9 is going to have some competition, especially in the privacy arena. Along with some user interface changes, it includes some updated graphics rendering and supposed HTML 5 support.

I’d guess I’d be more impressed if it wasn’t for the fact it’s already so prevalent on Windows systems. I’ll hold out judgment until Firefox gets pushed out, and then we’ll talk.

(via The Windows Blog)

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