iPhone 5? Pretty Much the iPhone 4

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What’s in a leaked iPhone 5 case? Mostly an iPhone 4, if the scuttlebutt’s true.

Consider this a rumor wrapped in a screenshot (see above) tucked inside a rather boring-looking (if colorific) iPhone hard case, but it sounds like Apple’s putative iPhone update this year may arrive sans the sort of speculative redesign bells and whistles we’ve been hearing so much about.

Calling its source “reliable,” biz-blog Hardmac’s teasing a shot of a prototype iPhone 5 case cribbed from a mockup supposedly tendered by Apple. A quick glance at the cases, assuming they’re legit, suggests the Phone 5 won’t see that rumored button and SIM card transfiguration after all.

That’d certainly jibe with what Techland’s Doug Aamoth noticed last week, when “mold engineering drawings” of the iPhone 5 purportedly leaked.

You want a larger almost edge-to-edge screen? You might still get it. But it’s looking like that may be all you’ll get, in terms of the design’s visible side.

[via TUAW]

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