10 Things You Didn’t Know About Google (Or Maybe 11)

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James Altucher writes great stories about his background in the world of investment, but his latest, 10 Things I Didn’t Know About Google reads like a secret history of the I’m Feeling Lucky search company.

Read it, and you’ll learn not only how long the guy used to spend playing Defender each day, but also what Google’s first Tweet said, and how its founders Page and Brin tried selling the company to Yahoo! in 1997, for a knock-down million bucks.

You’ll also learn how Altucher turned down the chance to invest in a little-known software company called Oingo. A couple of years later, shortly before its IPO, that same company was bought by Google. Altucher missed out on a $300 million dollar (or thereabouts) windfall.

Hey, we all makes mistakes.

And the thing about Google being called Backrub back in its early days? I already knew that.