Gamers Get Riled Over Angry Birds HD’s Newest Feature, Ads

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A little angry when you booted up your Angry Birds? Well, if you have the HD version, you’ll be able to see why if you updated the iPad app last night. In addition to 15 new levels, and a new golden egg, advertisements have snuck their way in. And they’re not the nice kind.

Sometimes its fine if they’re tucked away in a place that can be ignored – but these ads pop up as soon as the game is paused. A “news” section pops up, and players have to wait for the animation to finish before they go back to the game.

(So take this as a word of warning to you Angry Birds HD users out there, if you haven’t updated the game yet.)

Blog 9to5Mac stated that a riled user complained bitterly, “I buy apps to get rid of ads not to get bombarded with more.”

The game, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times, originally debuted in December 2009. Wired UK has pointed out that 20 million of the Android downloads have advertisements, but there seems to be little complaint there.

Maybe users can funnel their anger, thinking they’re launching angry birds at Rovio, the developer of the game. If anything, it might lead to a better score?

(via 9to5Mac)

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