Google Just Added 50 Seconds to Your Day

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Google just saved you as much as 50 seconds a day. That’s almost six minutes per week. Over five hours every year. Wow. Thanks Google.

How did they do it? Well, yesterday Google engineers announced a change to the code used to display AdSense ads all over the web.

The announcement is aimed at web developers and goes into technical detail, but the gist is this: if you include AdSense ads in your web pages, they’ll load considerably faster from now on. Your browser will start loading the ads, but still be able to load the rest of the page at the same time.

The net result? Those pages load about half a second faster.

So if we assume that the average web user browses about 100 web pages per day (we didn’t pluck that number out of thin air – we plucked it from this conversation on Quora), and do a few calculations, we reach the yearly saving of 5.2 hours. That’s enough to wash the car, watch a movie, and stack and unstack a dishwasher. And maybe squeeze in a few other chores too.

Thanks Google! The nation’s aggregated todo list is grateful.