iPhone 5 Rumors of the Day

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Another day, another pair of iPhone 5 rumors. Everybody loves a juicy Apple rumor, it seems, but the usual caveat applies: until a senior Apple exec has stood on a stage and announced it, either or both of these should be taken with a pinch of salt. No, wait: make that a truckload.

Rumor 1: iPhone 5 will have NFC chip for wireless payments

At Forbes, Elizabeth Woyke says she’s heard that Apple will be including a Near Field Communications (NFC) chip into the 5, in an attempt to kick-start a new standard and get people paying for stuff with a swipe of their iDevice.

This is something that’s been a long time coming. The technology exists. It’s just a matter of getting it into shops and into people’s pockets, so that people really can leave the house with no cash and still make it through the day.

There’ll be a new sticker appearing in store windows: iPhone Accepted Here.

Link: Forbes

Rumor 2: Same shape, different material

This one claims the iPhone 5 will be an evolutionary step forwards, with no drastic change in shape or outward design; but the rear panel will morph from glass to metal – adopting the look and feel of Apple’s recently re-launched MacBook Airs. Meanwhile the same source says that the front of the device will sport a larger screen, with only the slimmest of bezels wrapped around on either side.

This source says the 5 is going into mass production “soon” and early units have already been seen at the Foxconn manufacturing plant in China.

Link: 9to5 Mac