TechFast: Angry Birds Ads, Molyneux on Minecraft, Faster Flickr

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Angry Angry Birds Players

The plot of Angry Birds has taken a new twist. Those naughty pigs started with simple egg-theft, but now it seems they’re trying to go straight, and enter the world of advertising. But not all Angry Birds HD players are happy about that. Erica Ho has the story.

Link: Right here at Techland

Faster Flickr for iPad

Love photos? Got your iPad? Say a heartfelt thank you to the Flickr team, who’ve just done some technical magic to make the photo sharing website work better than ever on iPads. Tap a photo to see it in gorgeous full-screen mode. Swipe to navigate, tap to do things like add to your faves.

Link: Flickr blog

Molyneux: Minecraft is best thing I’ve played in 10 years

Gaming legend Peter Molyneux says super-lofi indie web game Minecraft is the best game he’s played in a decade, describing it as “a work of genius”.

Link: Edge

Yahoo! Selling Delicious? (Again)

Another week, another Delicious rumor. This time it’s that that rival bookmark-saving site Stumbleupon might snap it up from Yahoo! for as little as a million dollars.

Link: Business Insider

More Tech Supply Problems

Following up our feature yesterday, more details have emerged of technology companies struggling to stay operating in the aftermath of the massive Japanese earthquake. A Toshiba plant making LCD screens will be closed for a month; Sony Ericsson said its supplies of parts had been disrupted.

Link: Reuters

Making Web Comments Better

Web startup Livefyre wants to make website comments better. Its software makes comments appear in real-time as they’re posted, without readers having to reload the page. It also shows just how much interest each page is generating. The idea is to make web comments more lively, more interesting, and more useful.

Link: Technology Review