When Not to Facebook Your Wedding

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Some people are just destined for bad luck, it seems. Consider the sad story of Richard Leon Barton Jr., a man who found himself arrested for putting photographs of his wedding on Facebook. Sure, there was that whole “he was already married, and it was his first wife who saw the pictures, hence his arrest” thing going on as well, but still.

Barton’s arrest for polygamy is just the end of an almost comedic run of bad times: He married his first wife in 2004, but was arrested soon after for breaking parole from home invasion charges in 2000; after spending the next five years in jail, he and his first wife “discussed divorce” but never quite got around to it… which was one reason why she was suspicious when he defriended her on Facebook, leading to her discovering the photos of his next wedding on the pages of his friends and family. Now he faces a potential four year sentence for polygamy, with more time possible for being a repeat offender. Of crimes, I mean, although he’s also a repeat wedding offender.

It just goes to show: If you’re going to be a bigamist, make sure your social network knows how to keep a secret. Hasn’t Big Love taught us anything?

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