Will Microsoft Office Eventually Include Facebook Chat?

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Could it be true that Microsoft plans to launch its next version of Office with Facebook chat? It’s possible. According to a job posting found by ZDNet, Microsoft might have its sights set that way.

The next version of Microsoft’s office suite is Office 15, and no one is quite sure if it’ll find its way bundled with the next incarnation of Windows. Still, it might not come out until 2013.

However the integration of social media is no surprise. Microsoft has been quick to respond to ever-growing trend of cloud-based computing, adding more internet-related features to Microsoft Office 2010. Last year, Microsoft launched Docs.com to compete with Google Docs. (Whether or not it’s been widely adopted is another story altogether.)

The Google-based service also just released a chat feature earlier this week as well. This much is clear, though: if you want to spearhead the Microsoft team, the position is still open.

(via ZDNet)

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