Rebecca Black Beats Lady Gaga (On YouTube At Least)

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Okay, let’s make this the final word on the human meme that is Rebecca Black.

Congratulations, internet: You’ve helped make Ms. Black bigger than Ms. Gaga. As the slightly overheated typesters at TechCrunch points out that, despite the negative tone and snarking about Black’s annoying earworm “Friday,” the YouTube video has gained 26 million views since it was posted, versus a mere 22 million for Lady Gaga’s most recent single “Born This Way.” If you’re pretending that you don’t know what “Friday” is, well…


Wrestling the YouTube crown away from such a critically-acclaimed phenomenon like Gaga is a weird and, let’s face it, wonderful end to the story, considering that “Friday” was created because Black’s parents ponied up $2,000 to a vanity music production company to make her famous. Mission accomplished! ARK Factory – the  responsible for the song and video – you clearly give overindulgent parents and their lucky offspring their money’s worth. Now it’s up to Black to make the smart next move – Good Morning America appearances aren’t enough, Rebecca – to ensure that her partyin’ partyin’ (yeah!) will continue for more than just 15 minutes. May I suggest a Glee cameo?

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