Twitter Celebrates Their 5th Birthday By Launching A New Website

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Congratulations Twitter, you’ve made it past the five year hump! What are you going to do next?

Wait, what? You’re going to start a new website extolling how amazing and innovative you are? Is that really necessary, Twitter?

In conjunction with the company’s fifth birthday, Twitter unveiled, a separate site that features the social network’s most important users. The top tweeters are organized under 18 different categories ranging from books to charity. Instead of going around and figuring out which entertainment news folk to follow, gives you a list of suggestions.

Yeah, you probably could have figured these lists out yourself. However, the site is worth checking out for the video on why top celebrities and notable people use Twitter and who they deem worth following. We think the video is a little self-aggrandizing, but it’s worth watching just to find out why Snoop Dogg follows Martha Stewart on Twitter. (Video is up above.)