Guess What, Amazon’s App Store Is Open for Business

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Well, I guess it doesn’t matter what Apple thinks, because the Amazon’s app store for Android is now open for business and its got 3,800 apps ready to go.

All the apps are available for free, or for a few cents, and or dollars. Luckily you don’t have to waste your pittance on something you don’t like – you can test drive the app for 30 minutes, in the browser. So really, there’s no excuse for complaining and blowing your money on a crappy app anymore. Oh, and just so you know, Amazon sets the price.

Interestingly enough, every day Amazon will offer a paid app for free. The anticipated Angry Birds Rio game is free for today, where you can join the original Angry Birds set out to save their friends in the “magical city” of Rio. (The fascination with this game is still beyond me.)

All apps are set up to be a one-click download, and Amazon hopes that it’ll be a standout from iTunes by being able to suggest apps customers might be interested in. Amazon is also intent on reviewing each app before its goes on sale, to make sure they work correctly or don’t raise any security concerns.

[Update: Engadget reports that the web app seems to have been pulled for now, but the Android app seems to be working fine.]

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