So Long First-Gen iPad, We Hardly Knew You

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Here comes the iPad 2 again, like the world’s smallest, sleekest freight train, and in its wake, a trail of “while supplies last!” ads and deals and ballyhoo touting Apple’s original slate. Get it while it’s not-hot.

Apple’s iPad 2 (see our review, “It’s Still the One”) already debuted in the U.S. on March 11, but it’s still looming in the UK, Canada, and over 25 other countries. In goes global at last this Friday.

That’s not stopping customers from snapping up the original iPad in droves, if tales of sold out stores and online listings are true. They may well be. Apple’s knocked the price down $100 on original iPads, and it seems buyers are making a run on remaining stock. The 16GB model with Wi-Fi’s apparently already MIA.

“If you want an original iPad, you’d better act quickly,” writes Kelly Hodgkins for The Unofficial Apple Weblog. “Presumably, Apple has stopped manufacturing the first generation device and is focusing its resources on the second generation model.”

“Apple is selling the remaining inventory from its last production run, and this stock will not be replaced when it is sold out.”

Okay international readers, you can walk (don’t run) down to your local store and grab one if you must, or kick up your feet and save the effort online, but you’re two days away from the tech-genetically superior sequel. Sure, you could save $100, but do you really want to wrestle with buyer remorse when Saturday rolls around?

(via The Atlantic)

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