TechFast: Amazon Tablets, Facebook Bans 20k Every Day

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Good morning! Here’s this morning’s top tech headlines.

Amazon Could Become A Huge Tablet Player

At Business Insider, Dan Frommer wrote an excellent and insightful piece exploring the possibilities that lie ahead for Amazon. It already has an online store; it already makes good tablet hardware (albeit with limited functionality); it has a global distribution network; and Apple has already taken a pot-shot at it by suing over the use of “App Store.” Could Amazon create a tablet that threatens the iPad? An intriguing thought.

Link: Business Insider

Facebook bans 20,000 under-13s a day

An extraordinary revelation from a Facebook employee speaking before the Australian government’s cyber-safety committee: “Facebook removes 20,000 people a day, people who are underage.” That’s a lot of pre-teens desperate to join their older peers and siblings on the world’s most popular social network.

Link: The Telegraph

Groupon CEO quits

Groupon’s CEO and president Rob Solomon is stepping down, All Things D reports. The timing seems odd, given Groupon’s unstoppable growth and its potential public sale valuation just a few days ago, estimating a sale figure of as much as $25 billion dollars.

Link: All Things D

Unbloating Chrome

Stephen Shankland reports that Google has set up a team to de-bloat its Chrome browser, which has got bigger and bigger with every new release. The move echoes the recent update to the Chrome icon, which changed from a shiny bauble to a flat, 2D disk.

Link: cnet

Gaga Google

Finally, for those of you who have 75 minutes to spare, Google’s posted a video of her visit to Google HQ. She answers video questions from fans, which is quite fun. She knows how to keep the Googlers happy: “When I was at high school, all my friends wanted to work here. I wanted to be what they were searching for.” Achievement unlocked, Gaga.

Link: YouTube