Yelp Makes “Hipster” a Category to Describe Ambience

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Are you searching for that rare can of Pabst Blue Ribbon? Do you need a restaurant that has a place to chain up your fixie bike? Does your definition of “business attire” include a pair of rolled up skinny jeans and a flannel shirt?

You can now find a restaurant that caters to your eclectic taste. Yelp has added “hipster” as one of the descriptions in their ambience category. In addition to describing a place as “dive-y” or “romantic,” you can now say that establishment is perfect for barely employed 20-somethings who think they are too cool to eat at your business.

So, what exactly is a hipster restaurant? Let’s look at some of the reviews about Roberta’s, a so-called hipster pizza joint in between Bushwick and East Williamsburg in Brooklyn. We’ll let you adjust your gigantic black plastic frame glasses so you can read these better. (Copied verbatim from the Yelp page for the business. Don’t blame us for the errors.):

“For me, the atmosphere give a sense of child-like playfulness. Perhaps it’s the toy truck parked atop of the shelf on the wall, or is it the absurd presence of all the christmas lights loosely dangling against the roof column?” – Jim K.

“The staff are a mixed bag. The girl with the ironic heart tattooed on her sleeve is great, others are inept on their best days.” – Chrstoff F.

“’Its definitely a scene. I haven’t had so many people look me up and down in a long time,” – Lindsay D.

“But most importantly since I am a burgeoning scotch fiend, they had Balvenie.  Which, if you are only going to have one scotch, is a great choice because it’s excellent for it’s price range.  And is pretty non typical. Which like bumped them from 3 stars to 4.” – Shibbie I.

“It’s the kind of place where you’ll spot something unusual on the menu, and the hipster-waiter will say, ‘Oh, it’s nothing, it’s just, um, I think it’s some cured meat from Spain that’s been around for centuries and is really rare.'” – Benjamin S.

Judging from these reviews, maybe you can use the hipster denotation to know which pretentious, snotty restaurants to avoid?

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