Rejected iPhone Radiation App Gets Released Anyways

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If radiation gives you the heebie jeebies, it’s a bit too late to panic, because all cell phones emit radiation. You still might want to pay your respects to tawkon, though, a company that recently developed an iPhone app to measure the radiation coming through when you’re yapping away.

Unfortunately, it’s not where you’d expect to find it in the App Store. Even worse, the app got the rejection from head honcho Steve Jobs himself. Jobs was brief to the point, simply saying, “No interest.” Though it’s been rejected, the developers have fought back, releasing it through Cydia.

Gil Friedlander, CEO of tawkon, was resilient: “We believe it is every phone user’s fundamental right to know the level of radiation they’re exposed to, and to take precautionary measures if they see fit. tawkon makes it easy for people to use their iPhone with lower exposure to cellphone radiation.”

Unfortunately, Cydia requires a jailbroken device in order to operate the app. The company also has a mobile app for BlackBerry and Android available. Otherwise, perhaps it’s time to stock up on iodine tablets? I hear they’re high in demand.

(via Betanews)

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