Yahoo Launches Real-Time Search Results

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Yahoo is launching “Search Direct,” and if you know what “Google Instant” does, you’ll understand the two concepts instantly. Very similar to the Google service, Yahoo’s Search Direct will return an instant, real-time answer to a search query before you can even hit “Enter.”

The feature is already live at, but is not currently activated on Yahoo’s main page. It can be used to search for around 15 types of data, from shopping and movies to celebrities and sports. Right off the bat, it’s possible to use Search Direct to look up weather updates all the way up to basketball stats.

Yahoo claims that it differs from what Google Instant does. The company says, “They’re very different products. We’re focused on providing answers, not links. Google Instant is focused on providing more links, faster. Not answers.”

The search engine company eventually plans to release the feature on the iPad, and says they eventually want to incorporate Facebook results sometime in the future.

(via TechCrunch)

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