Spotify to Start Streaming Live Concerts

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Even though the future of a U.S. launch remains tantalizingly out of reach, Spotify’s won a lot of fans abroad with its robust library and easy shareability of playlists. But the streaming music service has plans to do more than just deliver the recorded music you crave.

Like streaming their first-ever live set straight from the Koko nightclub in the Camden neighborhood of London. Performers include Delphic, Pony Pony Run Run and The Naked and Famous, with a DJ set by La Roux’s Elly Jackson.

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Spotify says that the April 5th gig will only be the start of a broader concert-streaming initiative. So with a little luck, once that U.S. launch gets straightened out, stateside performances will be able to go out to users all over the world, and vice versa.

Hey, it’ll be cheaper than concert tickets, right?