iOS 5 May Not Come Until Later This Fall

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According to our friends over at TechCrunch, Apple’s next major update to iOS 5 won’t happen until later this year – in the fall. Traditionally, along with the announcement of a new iPhone, updates are usually announced in the early spring and pushed for a summer release. Oh noes.

TechCrunch sources state that the iOS 5 update will indeed be a biggie and will include a major revamp of the current software. Still, even if it’s slated for the fall, users could possibly get a sneak peak at this year’s WWDC event. The event happens in early June.

The report says that iOS 5 will most likely debut alongside a new type of iPad. Besides that, the software update itself is said to revolve around cloud-based services and enhancements, such as the ability to locate friends and family members. There’s also a possible “music locker” service that is supposed to coincide with an event in the fall, thus shedding more light on the timing of the release.

Last year, Apple stuck to tradition and debuted the iPhone 4 with iOS 4. It will probably not be the case this year. Instead, iPhone 5 users may just get the latest version of the current iOS 4 software and will have to upgrade to iOS 5 later on.

(via TechCrunch)

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