TechFast: Hacker’s Revenge For Stuxnet, Gorgeous Google Rumors

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Good morning! Here’s some of this morning’s interesting tech nuggets for you to enjoy over breakfast.

Iranian hacker claims Stuxnet revenge attack

In a post on Pastebin, an anonymous Iranian hacker claims he acted alone in stealing online security certificates, and that his work was a direct response to the Stuxnet worm – which he believes was created by the US and Israel.

Link: The Guardian

Google rumor 1

Here’s a juicy one. Google wants a chunk of that mobile payments pie – of course it does, everybody does. So could it be working on a project with MasterCard and Citigroup to embed the right sort of swipe-and-pay technology in Android phones? It wouldn’t be surprising, would it?

Link: Wall Street Journal

Google rumor 2

Google is rumored to be working with LG on a next-generation Android tablet running Honeycomb, possibly for release this summer. If they really want to compete with the iPad 2, they need to act fast.

Link: The Next Web

A cure for internet distraction disorder

Over at … oooh look, funny dogs having dinner! Sorry, where was I? Oh yes. Over at PC World, they have an article about internet distraction disorder which is that thing where… hey, check out the latest Air New Zealand safety video, it’s got Richard Simmons in it … sorry, lost track for a moment. That thing where you, you know, keep getting distracted by random stuff on the net. Not a problem for us here at TechLand, I assure you. The main advice is: separate work and play.

Link: PC World