Google’s Internet Speeds Will Blow Your Mind

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Google employees just get all of the perks. Rock climbing walls, gourmet meals, and their Internet connection is apparently so fast I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a divine upload to a higher being.

Three employees from the Google Chrome did a Q&A on Reddit, and one user asked, curiously, how fast their connection was in Silicon Valley.

That’s right: At Google, you can get downloads of 523 MB, and uploads of 147 MB. That’s, um, PER SECOND. Surprisingly, there’s some ping. Not like losing those 3 milliseconds is seriously going to detract from my life.

Their connection beats 99 percent of connections in the U.S. and puts my little measly connection back at home back in its place. Next stop when I’m back in San Francisco? The Googleplex, with my laptop.

(via The Next Web)

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