Twitter Co-Founder: I’m Still Involved, but I’m Planning Something Else

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Perhaps responding to online whisperings that he’d gone oddly silent recently, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams wrote a blog post last night, declaring his creation’s future was “bigger and better.”

Comparing the growth of Twitter with his previous successful project, Blogger, Williams said:

“The reason I left Blogger/Google when I did is that I felt it had reached a place where it was on solid ground and in capable hands … Though still an independent company, I realized Twitter may be at a similar point today. So, as was reported in various places yesterday, I’ve decided to scale back my role at the company.”

Twitter will grow “bigger and better”, he promised. “I’d venture to say it’s one of the finest teams ever assembled in the Internet industry, and it’s the accomplishment of which I’m most proud.”

So what’s next? Is Williams working on yet another big idea? The answer appears to be a guarded “yes”, but Williams is keeping his cards close to his chest. He remains a member of Twitter’s board, but for the time being his mind is likely occupied by other things. Can he strike lucky a third time?