Apple Sees First $100 Billion Profit In Its Future This Year

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Earlier this month, analysts predict that Cupertino-based Apple would outpace IBM by 2013, and would eventually bring in over $200 billion in revenue. It might be really soon, but forecasters say Apple will hit its first $100 billion in revenue this year.

Due to demand in recent years, the company is expected to report the profit milestone when it files its results for the fiscal year, which ends in September.  The company was just estimated to be a few billion shy recently, but a new revised figure has Apple surpassing the mark. Apple’s sitting pretty for a bit.

The figure puts it ahead of Microsoft, and while it won’t outpace IBM yet, the gap will substantially shrink. Hewlett-Packard apparently, remains the leader and is expected to bring in over $130 billion. Even then, the company is eventually predicted to overtake HP in a year or two, making it the new market forerunner.

Well, it’s no surprise actually. Last year, thanks to the iPad and iPhone, Apple reported a 50 percent growth in sales. Apple’s iPad accounted for approximately $10 billion in 2010. Since launch, the iPhone has also sold around nearly 100 million units alone.

Guess Apple is the new Microsoft.

(via Forbes)

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