Exhausted by Social Media? Let Summify Read the Internet for You

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Is there just a little too much internet out there for you? Trust me, I know the feeling: I can barely keep up with my Twitter feed, never mind everything else that’s out there. That’s why Summify seems like a good – if not exactly original – idea. Following the lead of apps like Flipboard and the now-legally-beleagured Zite, Summify uses your social media to curate the internet for you, creating an email digest of the five or ten most important things you should read, on a schedule you control (From every 6 hours to weekly, although the default is daily) based upon what your friends are talking about. Helpfully, the digest also lets you know which of your friends are talking about it, so you can also make an educated guess about whether or not you’d be interested based on the source, something I call the “I know you all love karaoke, but it’s not for me” clause.

Co-founder Mircea Pasoi explains the idea behind the site:

The nature of social media is such that even the most devoted users miss more than half of what comes at them, so we started with the idea that you can’t and shouldn’t read everything — read just the good stuff which is typically what your friends and sources are talking about the most. Obviously, we had to put a lot effort in making sure it doesn’t become a popularity contest, and I think we’ve struck the right balance of highly relevant and diverse stories.

The digests are currently only available as emails or online, but mobile versions are expected next quarter.

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