Flickr Updates Sharing Options

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Photo site Flickr has just updated its sharing options, making it easier to post photos to other online services.

Flickr says it wants to be a hub for people’s photos. You upload them just once, then share them everywhere.

It makes sense when you think about it. Uploading the same photos to Flickr to share with your Flickr friends, then Facebook to share with your old school buddies, then Tumblr to share with all the hipsters there – well, it’s hard work.

So now, the Flickr “Share this” button has been replaced by a selection of icons matching your other online services. Any photo, set or group can be shared elsewhere with a click.

Using Flickr as a photo hub makes a lot of sense for paying customers of the site, since it’s one of the few that imposes no restrictions on how many photos you can upload, or how often. Once you’ve paid the fee to become a Flickr Pro user, it’s an all-you-can-eat deal.

For people with many thousands – even tens of thousands – of photos, that’s an enticing offer.

(Via Flickr blog)