Skype-Issued Warrants? They’re Already Here

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Technology as a force for the greater good! Of course, its nowhere near Batman-style gadgetry, but Palm Bay, Florida is developing a system where warrants can be issued on the spot – via Skype.

Get caught with something? The police officer forwards documents by e-mail, and then the judge can issue a warrant through Skype. The system is proving useful for drunk driving incidents, where the suspected driver will, you know, purge the alcohol from their system over time. In this case, warrants are time-sensitive.

“It’s like a virtual office and courtroom,” a police officer said. “If an officer can stay within his patrol zone instead of having to drive to the courthouse or the judge’s house to obtain the warrant, it saves time and increases the officers ability to protect the public.”

And for your sake, we already hope you are driving safely into the night.

(via The Palm Beach Post)

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