Study: Our Facebook Friends Are Very, Very Annoying

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If you find the majority of your Facebook friends annoying, here’s some potentially good news: You’re not alone.

A study of 400 women for daily deals company Eversave unexpectedly uncovered more information about participants’ distaste for their friends’ online behavior than about the impact social networking has on saving money (although for the curious, 45% of those taking part in the survey said they found out about online deals from their friends, compared with 79% who admitted also discovering bargains through deal companies’ social network ads).

In fact, 85% of those polled admitted being annoyed by their online friends, with three behaviors topping the list of offenses:

– Complaining all the time (ironically, 63% complained about this).
– Sharing unsolicited political views (this annoyed 42% of survey participants).
– Bragging about their seemingly perfect lives (32% accidentally revealed the imperfections of their own lives by pointing out this problem).

65% of participants also classified friends as fitting the “documentarian” stereotype, “[updating] their status with their every move,” which seems especially ironic considering 79% said that they enjoyed using Facebook to keep their friends informed about what they were up to. Perhaps more people simply need to “Like” self-awareness instead.

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