Have an Android? Sony Teasing PlayStation One Games Now

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Android-compatible PlayStation One games have finally arrived, as promised, but the only Android device currently capable of running them is Sony’s Xperia Play–a slide-screen phone with a PlayStation-style gamepad that’s not yet available.

Poke around the Android Market and you might expect to find PS One oldies like Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, Jumping Fish, MediEvil, and Syphon Filter. Alas, none are downloadable (or as I understand it, even catalogue-viewable) on anything but an Xperia Play, which launches shortly (possibly today) in various locales overseas, but not until mid-April in the US.

Prices for the PS One games look to be about $6.38 each for starters, and if you’d rather not spend a penny (after spending plenty on the Xperia Play–as much as $400, we’re hearing), Sony Ericsson’s newest mobile comes preloaded with the original Crash Bandicoot.

You know, Crash. Remember him? Sony’s once-but-not-quite-future mascot?