Too Little, Too Late? Samsung’s 7-inch Wi-Fi Tablet to Cost $350

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As the first serious Android tablet out of the gates back in November of last year, Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab had its $600 to $650 price tag (unless subsidized by a wireless contract) working against it right away.

Five months later, and we’re finally about to see the Wi-Fi-only version that’s been rumored since before the 3G versions were even released. It’s listed for pre-order at for $350.

That’s a price tag that would have been much more irresistible late last year, but now doesn’t seem nearly as shiny considering the new fleet of tablets that have been shipping out recently—or will be in the very near future.

The base-level iPad dipped down to $350 for a refurbished model with a full Apple warranty before supplies ran out; this Asus Eee Transformer tablet is looking like it may start at $400 for a dual-core processor, Android 3.0 Gingerbread and a Tegra 2 processor; and Apple’s shiny new iPad 2 can be had for $500 (if you can find one).

We’ve also got the BlackBerry PlayBook and HP Touchpad due out soon, followed by additional Android tablets this year. All of a sudden, $350 for a 7-inch tablet running old Android software meant for phones doesn’t seem like such a steal after all.

(via Engadget)

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