Angry Birds Rio Gets 10 Million Downloads in 10 Days

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Angry Birds Rio has been downloaded 10 million times in less than two weeks. If you can’t do the relatively simple math, that’s ohhhh, about one million downloads for every day since it’s been out.

Rovio, the developer, didn’t say how many people downloaded the free or paid version of the game. The day that the Amazon app store debuted, Angry Birds Rio was offered as a free download.

The original game showed up two years ago, and since then has been downloaded more than 100 million times. Angry Birds Rio achieved about a tenth of that in a much, much shorter time period. Not a bad showing, if you ask me.

The game, if you’re unfamiliar, involves… well, let’s just say it involves birds (angry ones) and pigs. The pigs are also not your friends.

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